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Fear of Flying is Not a Disease

Although plane accidents do not happen every day, the media attention that shines upon them and the number of people that die cause additional fear in passengers that are already hesitant whether to go on a plane or not.

There are several studies made in the world that have shown that 40% of people have some sort of flying fear, and it can be seen in 11% of the people who use planes to travel. Opposed to that, statistics show that flying is, according to the relation of the number of flights and the number of accidents, actually the safest way of transport. Still, in these accidents the outcome is most often fatal, and news reports usually start their reports with the words “all passengers and crew members killed”.

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How Virtual Gastric Band Therapy Works and its Benefits

Practically everyone has heard of gastric bands (and certainly everyone who has struggled with dieting and weight loss throughout their lives). However a lesser known weight loss option is that of virtual gastric bands, so here we explain just how this could be a more effective and far safer option for those looking to lose weight.

The dangers of gastric bands:

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How Safe Is Flying?

Arm Yourself with the FACTS NOT Fears &
Discover How Safe Flying Really Is!

Most likely if you’re Googling “How Safe Is Flying”, you are probably dealing with a fear of flying… and if you’re avoiding flying then your fear could be classified as a phobia of flying…

That being said, this page is based on facts, and your subconscious is probably going to have a hard time believing these facts if you have a fear of flying.

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Would Hypnosis For Self Confidence Help Me?

Self Confidence Hypnosis

Do you always think about how other people look at you? Do you always feel as though there’s no hope in moving on with life anymore? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one experiencing this.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs include self Esteem on the second top level of our needs. Here’s the hierarchy as detailed with the more basic needs at the bottom:

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How to Have a More Successful Life

If you want to be more successful in life, you have to go at it the right way. Obviously you can’t just mope around. And, no matter how appealing the idea is, you can’t normally think yourself to success like the law of attraction claims – although the right mindset is definitely a big part of the equation.

What you need to do is have a clear idea if where you want to get there (wherever “there” is), And then work out how to do it.

These ideas will help you on your path to having a more successful life:

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How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Ones

Habits are things we do regularly and some of them are bad habits that we’ve got into whereas others are counted as good habits such as being punctual and polite, that kind of thing.

It’s generally thought that it takes us around 14 to 28 days to either make or break a habit. It varies a bit depending on the circumstances involved but if you figure that the first two weeks will need some kind of effort from you and the second two weeks should be easier you won’t be far off.

How can you break bad habits and replace them with good ones?

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How to do the 5:2 Fasting Diet

The 5:2 diet sounds great. You can eat near enough anything you like most of the week so long as you fast for 2 days each week. Your fasting days shouldn’t be back-to-back and should be limited to 500 calories if you’re female, 600 calories if you’re male.



The trouble is that human nature can get in the way and we let ourselves get tempted, even though we know we’ve only got to be “good” for 2 days a week.

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How To Overcome Self Consciousness

When children come over “all shy” then that’s considered cute but when you do this as you get older, it’s more of a problem. Here are some tips for overcoming your self consciousness to help you start being more normal (sorry!) when you’re out and about.

Start by taking a step back from yourself and working out what exactly you’re worried about. It could be your looks, the way you speak, the body language signals you give off. Whatever it is that’s causing you to be over-conscious of yourself, that’s fine. We’ll work on that. For the moment, just take a few seconds to think about what it is – your first thoughts are almost always correct here as it’s your subconscious bubbling up before your conscious mind has a chance to butt in and correct them.

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