Dealing with disappointment: how to stop being disappointed all the time

If you ever get the feeling that you’re always dealing with disappointment then the good news is that doesn’t have to always be the case. Sure, as we get older we face more disappointments but there are some things we can do to improve how we handle the occasional disappointment in our lives.

Here are some tips for dealing with disappointment

dealing with disappointmentBanish hindsight

It’s easy to look back on thinks and think “if only”. Hindsight is that – it’s very easy to think that the course of action we took at the time wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. But accept the fact that with all the information available at the time you likely made a good decision. Maybe not perfect – you wouldn’t be human if you were perfect – but certainly pretty good. Stop wallowing in hindsight and your disappointment will at least diminish.

Look on the bright side

The cliche that every cloud has a silver lining is almost always true. And there’s almost always a bright side to even the darkest moments. So long as you’re still alive and in posession of your mental faculties, chances are that there’s a bright side to the problem. Use that as a method of dealing with your disappointment and you’ll find the grey veil to the day brightens at least a little bit.

Wallow in your disappointment, then move on

Sometimes we need time alone to feel low and disappointed. Alot yourself a time slot that you can use for this – maybe 30 minutes or an hour – and enjoy the feeling of being totally disappointed. Then move on in your life. Time won’t stand still for you or anyone esle – there’s only freeze frame in movies and things like TIVO.

Talk to friends

Having a second opinion on most things is valuable. In the face of disappointment, it’s almost mandatory. Your friends or colleagues will be able to help you through your problem time and you’ll be dealing with disappointment in a much better fashion by sharing your situation.

Try hypnosis

Disappointment is one of the more subjective moods we experience. What is disappointing to a top sportsman would be envigorating and put you at the top of your game. Hypnosis can help you come to terms with your disappointment and change your attitude to whatever it was that was causing your problem.

Click here to download a hypnosis track for dealing with disappointment.