How to Find Lost Things Fast

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than putting your keys down somewhere safe and then forgetting where that was, which is where the skill of how to find lost things comes into its own. If you’re someone who spends what seems like forever looking for things – keys, cell phones, credit cards, etc – then this will help!

Help on how to find lost things

find lost thingsStart by being a creature of habit.

If you’re forever losing your keys, decide on a place to keep to them and do your level best to always put them in that special place.

OK, this won’t work all the time – you might forget, someone might move them, that kind of thing – but it will improve your chance of finding the lost items quicker.

If it’s a one-off problem, enlist help. More eyes looking for whatever it is that you’ve misplaced will be useful.

Even if it’s not the first time that you’ve lost something, getting other people to help find it for you can be worthwhile. If there are children helping then you can turn it into a treasure hunt style game to help find lost things for you.

Be methodical!

If you have a tendency to run around like a headless chicken when you’ve lost something, take a deep breath and a mental step back. Give yourself (literally) some breathing space. When you’ve calmed yourself down slightly, you’ll be in a better place mentally to help find lost things and recover them sooner rather than later.

If it’s not urgent, put the idea on the back burner in your mind. Just give yourself time to find the item and there’s a good chance that it will turn up on its own accord. Maybe not in the location you were expecting it (but, then, it wouldn’t have been lost if that were the case) but lost things sometimes seem to have a mind of their own.

Take yourself back in time – mentally. Hypnosis can be a great way to do this. It helps clarify your memories and you’ll be really surprised at the amount of detail you can remember when you get the kind of help that hypnosis gives you.

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