How To Increase Your Patience

If you’re always getting frustrated and irritated with things, maybe it’s time to learn how to be more patient and increase your patience.

Sure, your parents probably told you that patience is a virtue. But that doesn’t necessarily help when you actually try to put “patience” into practice in your life.

That’s because our hectic modern lives seem to demand that you become more impatient. We want everything “now” if not sooner – instant downloads, fast food, seemingly everything available instantly on demand.


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There’s only so many times you can take a deep breath and count to ten – although that does work nicely! It turns out that the standard advice your mother gave you of taking a deep breath and counting to 10 is actually quite valid. In essence, it gives you a bit of breathing space before you over-react to a situation. And it’s easy to do wherever you are – you’re almost never in a situation where you can’t implement the idea.

If you’ve got the time to practice meditation regularly, that’s a fantastic way to reduce the frustration levels and increase your patience quota. Meditation does take a bit of practice but modern methods help get over that hurdle and using a “high tech” meditation process such as one with unobtrusive binaural beats in the background can help you meditate in as little as twelve minutes.

But if you haven’t got the patience to use meditation (or some other relaxation technique) to increase your patience levels, what then?

Next up is to stop beating yourself up. Our patience is often tested most by ourselves – we expect ourselves to be perfect and to always act everything out impeccably. And it’s difficult to live up to that kind of expectation. So give yourself a break every now and then and realize that you’re probably doing something close to the best you can. And stop berating yourself because you haven’t achieved some faraway dream of total perfection.

Letting whatever it is that is testing your patience rest can be another good way of handling the problem. Of course sometimes this makes matters worse as you toss and turn rather than sleep at night. So you’ll have to use your judgement here. But if whatever it is that’s making you impatient will benefit from you having a break from it, go for it. As with a lot of things you could well find that it just fades back into the background once you stop paying attention to it.

Slow down slightly – one of the reasons we get impatient is that we’re trying to go too fast. Often that means we open our mouths before we have chance to think about the words we’re going to use. If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “did I really say that out loud” you’ll know what this entails. Do yourself – and the people you’re with – a favour and engage your brain before you blurt out something you’ll later regret.

Taking the time to chill and relax can help you to increase your patience levels. You may need to practice – it’s not always as easy as it should be to step away from the screen and ignore all those temptations online – but it’s worth taking the time to do just that. A break from the pressures of computers and phones could be just what you need to help you become more patient.

Another quick way is to listen to a hypnosis track that’s purpose made to increase your patience levels.

After a few discrete listenings, you’ll find the way you react to situations that would previously have pushed you to your limits will improve.

All with the “effort” of listening to a hypnosis track. So, once you’ve unwound the self-tangling cables that came with your headphones, you can sit back, relax and let hypnosis work with your subconscious and help you become more patient.

Check out the instant download below, so you won’t need to suffer with your frustration much longer!

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