How To Stop Mumbling and Speak Clearly

If you regularly mumble your words and people have difficulty understanding what you’re saying, maybe it’s time to learn how to speak clearly so that other people can understand you easily.

It’s not unusual for our speach to be mumbled. Sometimes we do it because we’re not really convinced that what we’re saying is right, so we mumble our words rather than speak clearly.

But mumbling our words can just be a habit, something we’ve acquired over time. Maybe as a self defense mechanism.

Go on – start to speak clearly!Speak clearly

Unfortunately, this can also hold us back.

Maybe other people just gradually avoid you, including you in conversations less and less often.

And, at first, you may even welcome that. Especially if the person isn’t someone you get on particularly well with.

But there comes a time when your speach problem can hold you back. Maybe stopping you from getting promoted at work.

You could go to elocution lessons to learn how to speak clearly. Politicians do this all the time to make themselves sound more convincing and authoritative.

Another trick is to read things out loud to yourself. Maybe set your computer microphone to record so that you can play back the recording and work out whether it’s helping you to stop mumbling your words.

Slowing down is another useful way to get you to speak clearly. Not so slow that you sound like someone’s dragging an anchor behind you. Just enough to allow each word to escape and be heard.

Or you could quietly address the problem yourself with a self hypnosis speak clearly MP3.

The advantage of this second approach is that it won’t draw everyone else’s attention to you. You can work at it on your own time.

And it works deep down in you, changing the way you speak. Maybe without you even realizing you’re speech is improving.

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