Hypnosis Crystal Ball Induction

There are lots of different hypnotic inductions including the hypnosis crystal ball induction.

Although it sounds technical, a hypnotic induction is just a technical term for someone being taken (induced) into a hypnotic trance.

Inductions range from the spectacular ones, often used in hypnosis stage shows, where people drop into a hypnotic trance almost instantly, through to inductions where your arm gradually drops and as it drops, you also drop deeper into trance.

Other ways to get yourself into a hypnotic trance include just being talked into it – that’s something I do regularly when I meet someone for a hypnosis session. I’ll take them gently into a deep trance by guiding them through a short walk in a forest clearing, followed by some steps down to a relaxing sofa.

The crystal ball induction doesn’t fall into the “spectacular” description. Instead, it’s designed to take you into a deep state of relaxation and is one of lots of different induction methods used by hypnotists across the globe.

hypnosis Crystal ball induction

Learning to relax

Our bodies need rest. But we’re not always good at letting them take a break when they need to.

Trouble is, if we push ourselves too far then we become more tired, more irritable and more open to getting those tell-tale signs that our body is in need of rest.

So if you seem to have a permanent cold, a sore throat that won’t go away, or something more serious, then this could be your body’s way of telling you that you need to relax. Deeply. Now.

Of course, relaxing is something we don’t do often in our busy 21st century lives.

Which means it’s often easiest to get help.

In turn, this is where the crystal ball induction comes into its own.

The essence is that it uses the image of a crystal ball to take your mind into a hypnotic trance.

It works well because we’re already trained to imagine that a crystal ball is something slightly mysterious and other-worldly.

So there’s no need for the hypnotist to work around your conscious mind – all those stories you heard and read as a child and the movies you’ve watched have already given your mind enough “proof” that there’s at least the possibility of it working.

And that’s usually enough for you to do as Disney suggests – suspend your disbelief.

Once you’ve found yourself staring at the crystal ball, the hypnotist will talk you through the whole process.

You’ll start by imagining a crystal ball in front of you. Maybe on a small pedestal and probably partially shrouded by a cloth so that it doesn’t attract finger prints but does allow you to safely hold the ball while the trance deepens.

Then there’s a good chance that you’ll actually go inside the crystal ball. Again, you’ve seen that in various movies so it’s not too much of a stretch for your mind to allow the possibility.

Once inside, all sorts of magic can happen in your mind.

Precisely what happens is partly up to your hypnotist (or the hypnosis track you’re listening to) and partly up to whatever intention you set before you started the crystal ball hypnosis session. Always assuming you had an intention – it’s equally good to just go with the flow and let your mind explore things that you’ve never consciously realised it wanted to. That can be a really fun adventure!

Just download the MP3 file, copy it to your iPod or burn it to CD, find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, sit back and listen. Let the track take you down into one of the deepest states of relaxation you’ve enjoyed for ages and then come back to meet your life with renewed vigor.

You can download the hypnosis crystal ball induction here.