How to Become More Assertive and Confident at Work

Sometimes it’s difficult to be assertive and confident at work. Maybe you’ve only just joined the company, maybe there are some larger than life people who seem to exude confidence perpetually or maybe one of a host of other reasons.

The reasons don’t really matter.

What matters is that you’re not asserting yourself as much as you could!

Here are some ideas to turn that round and become more assertive and confident.

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How to Have Extreme Confidence

Some people just seem to have been born confident. Although – difficult as that can sometimes be to believe – that’s not actually the case. Self confidence is a skill you can learn, even if your natural instinct at the moment is the exact opposite.

And extreme confidence can be learned as well.

In fact, it’s almost as easy as just being “normally” self confident. Whatever normal is…

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How to Stop a Panic Attack Naturally Without Medicine

Panic attacks – pretty much by definition – aren’t pleasant things to go through. Doctors can help but medicine should be looked at more as a stop gap than a permanent solution.

After all, panic isn’t a natural state for us to be in. It’s an important part of us because it is one of our survival instincts. But it definitely shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence.

So how can you stop a panic attack naturally?

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How to Learn Anything Fast

It may surprise you to be told this but we’re actually designed to learn things fast.

This makes more sense when you take into account our basic survival instinct: if your ancestors had to have multiple run-ins with a sabre toothed tiger before they decided what to do, chances are you wouldn’t be here today. The same goes with other dangerous situations such as steep cliffs, etc.

So we’re actually hard-wired to learn things fast.

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How to Have a Business Mindset

It can be a bit hard to explain at first but there’s definitely something slightly different about having a business mindset. Maybe it’s the thought that – no matter what seems to be happening at this minute – your business is going to survive and prosper. Maybe it’s the thought that you can make a positive difference in other people’s lives. Or it could be another reason that’s important to you.

Whatever you do, it’s important that you nurture your business mindset and encourage it to grow.

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Dealing with Teenagers Who Talk Back

Teenagers are a special breed of human. There are all sorts of excuses for this – some are valid (hormone changes, that kind of thing), some are just age and stage, some are that the teenagers in question haven’t actually learned how to deal with the situation yet.

One of the things that most teenagers do, almost automatically, is talk back.

How should you deal with that when (not if!) it happens?

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Does Law of Attraction Hypnosis Work?

If you’ve never considered using hypnosis to help the law of attraction move into your life then maybe now is the time to
think about it.

But first – if you’re like most people I know – you’re almost certainly asking yourself if law of attraction hypnosis works or if it’s just another ploy to get you to spend money on something that is smoke and mirrors at best…

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Best Weight Loss For Men Over 50

Weight loss used to be easy. Skip a meal here, maybe not go out for a night on the beer there and that was near enough it. Worst case scenario, exercise a bit more. Your weight stayed roughly the same.

But that changed a while ago. For most of us, somewhere around our 30’s. Then weight loss becomes a bit harder but still manageable. But during our late 30’s and most of our 40’s, that belly paunch (or beer gut or however else you want to refer to it) grows. And it seems to stay there.

Even if your mind thinks you’re a reasonably thin 20-something, the mirror reminds you otherwise. Always assuming you look in the mirror on a regular basis given that it also reminds you that you’re getting older in other ways as well.

Not to mention getting books about pregnant men for your birthday.


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How to Be More Persuasive Over the Phone

Being more persuasive is as much an art as a science. If you come on too strong, you’ll likely repel your prospect or actively dissuade them. But you’ll also attract people who are perfectly aligned with whatever it is you’re trying to persuade them to do.

So there’s a fine line to be trodden and it could easily be argued that if you’re thick skinned enough, 999 rejections to get 1 very committed person is acceptable.

But most people would prefer a higher success rate than that, especially when they’re trying to be more persuasive over the phone where it seems it’s easier to set aside normal human values and just be plain rude and offensive. And there’s only so much rejection most people can take.

So how can you be more persuasive over the phone?

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How to Learn Anything Really Fast

If you’ve ever struggled to learn things – maybe at school or at work – then the idea that we can learn fast is probably alien to you.

But actually it’s built into us…

If you’ve ever almost fallen down a cliff or steep slope, you learned near enough instantly not to do that action again.

It’s hard wired into us.

But most of us have forgotten how to learn fast…

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