Self Feminization Hypnosis

What is self feminization hypnosis?

Put simply, self feminization hypnosis is a process that involves the use of hypnosis to tap deep into the unconscious mind of a man who desires to be more feminine.

Similar to general hypnosis, the main objective is to alter or change a person’s inner beliefs as well as their behaviors.

What does self feminization hypnosis involve?

This is usually done through various statements and specific sound waves.

Self feminization hypnosis is often used by men who believe their true gender identity is a woman.

On the path of transgender transformation many transgender or transsexual people utilize self feminization hypnosis as an additional aid.

Hormone therapy, genital surgery, and cross-dressing which are main elements in the transformation can be enhanced greatly with the use of self feminization hypnosis, which can also be used as a trial to find out if this really is what you deeply desire.

The process of self feminization hypnosis makes an individual feel as if they are already a woman.

It produces the mental imagery and thought pattern as if the transformation has taken place.

Males feel more feminine and many feel the hypnosis speeds up the transgender process.

Men who are not prepared to take the next big step of genital surgery often turn to self feminization hypnosis to give them a more positive non-drastic method of feminity.

Many men claim that self feminization hypnosis really does make you feel and act more like a woman.

It is considered as a natural way to feminize a man’s being.

A man’s inner image is usually reflected through your attitude and overall feelings.

By tapping into the mind’s unconscious state through self feminization hypnosis, a man can transform his inner image turning himself into the feminine being he as always wished he could be.

Self feminization hypnosis is completely safe although some groups in society view it as immoral.

Self feminization hypnosis can be found in the forms of MP3s, cds, or a live session with a professional.

MP3s or CDs are the most common forms of self feminization hypnosis

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