Speed Reading Programs

OK, you’ve decided you want (or need) to read faster. But how do you go about it?

There are various speed reading programs out there, ranging from books via courses and even up to full blown seminars.

Speed reading programsWhich speed reading program is best for you?

If you learn OK from books then naturally a speed reading book will be best. Look for a book that uses the speedreading method to teach you (Paul Scheele’s Photoreading is the best one I’ve found).

Other people learn better from audio courses. There are plenty of these around to help you, including a hypnosis speed reading program that works with your mind on lots of different levels.

The most expensive option is a speed reading seminar. If you’ve tried the other options but got stuck, then this is worth investigating. Check online to see where your nearest course is being offered.

One other option I’ve just come across is a program that promises to double your reading speed in just 16 minutes. You can check out more details here. It’s not a hypnosis course but it’s stupidly fast and doubling your reading speed is not to be sneezed at.

Click here for speed reading programs.

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  1. Carylon Agoff

    In a very broad and simplified sense, hypnosis is an extension of the self-exploration idea. As the saying goes: “firstly know thyself…” through hypnosis and a hypnosis audio course you can enhance your self-knowledge by exploring your subconscious mind.

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