How to get over your adrenaline addiction

Adrenaline is part of our body’s built-in survival mechanism but nowadays it can turn into an adrenaline addiction instead. Back when we were cave dwellers, the body needed something to help it face the dangers of everyday life. That’s called adrenaline and it works by pumping up our body for a short period of time so that we can bring in the “fight or flight response” that was needed. The response is pretty much self explanatory: we needed to either fight the problem or run away from it (take flight – fast!).

Adrenaline addiction imageOnce the surge of adrenaline had built up, it got used quickly as well. Either by fighting or flighting. Which worked well in those ancient times.

But it doesn’t stand us in such good stead nowadays when most of the time our fighting is confined to video games and our “flight response” is only brought into play if we are late for the bus.

Unfortunately, the adrenalin builds up in our bodies and surfaces in the form of stress.

Some people also get hooked on the temporary “high” that adrenalin brings with it. They get pumped up and start craving more and more adrenalin.

Maybe you’re showing signs of becoming an adrenaline junkie? This manifests itself in various ways but is usually seen in people who actually seek out thrills that will boost their adrenaline levels. Anything from theme park rides through to extreme sports such as down hill mountain biking, zorbing and sky diving.

Trouble is, each time you take part in one of those activities, you start craving more and more adrenaline. And before you know it, you’re a fully fledged adrenaline addict.

So how can you cut your craving for adrenaline?

There are various answers but they all boil down to breaking the cycle of craving more and more adrenaline. Whether you just say “OK, I’ve had enough, I’ll stop now” or whether you enlist the help of a trusted friend or colleague, you owe it to your health to cut down the amount of adrenaline that you’re pumping through your body.

OK, that’s enough of the lecture!

One of the simplest ways to reduce your addiction to adrenaline is with hypnosis. And there’s a purpose-designed hypnosis track for exactly this problem.

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You’ll find that hypnosis is a quick, easy and non-addictive way to get rid of your adrenaline addiction.