Anger Management Tips

Anger that is not managed can seriously damage your relationships, opportunities, and can result into physical violence drastically changing your life so check out these anger management tips.

There are various anger management tips that can be followed to prevent anger issues from causing major problems in your life.

4 Anger Management Tips

Anger is one of the most powerful emotions you can experience. By implementing management tips into trigger situations you can gain control of your anger.

Anger Management Tip #1
The first anger management tip that you can follow when you feel the emotion of anger is to take a time out.

Stepping away from a particular situation or individual that is starting to upset you will defuse your anger.

A time out can consist of a short brisk walk, going into another room or down a hall for a breather, or simply just taking deep breaths and silently counting to 10 before responding to the situation.

Anger Management Tip #2
The second anger management tip which can help to control the powerful emotion of anger is physical activity.

This anger management tip is perfect for when you begin to think about something the angers you.

Instead of getting all worked up and risking getting into a confrontation with someone take some time to exercise.

Exercise is a great way to release pent up stress and frustration which are the roots of anger.

Taking a brisk walk, jogging, a long run, swim, hitting the gym for weight lifting session, playing tennis, or a game of basketball can help manage anger.

Anger Management Tip #3
The third anger management tip that you can follow when you feel the emotion of anger is take a minute to calm yourself.

Learning several ways that work best to calm or soothe yourself when you get upset is important to properly practice this tip.

Every individual is different. Some people prefer to visualize a relaxing scene or have a particular phrase that helps instantly change their mindset.

Others rely on having a calming or favorite song in their MP3 player handy, a hobby like painting, or practicing yoga or meditation to soothe and calm.

Anger Management Tip #4
The fourth anger management tip to follow when you fell the emotion of anger is to use humor.

Humor is an excellent method to release aggression.

Simply think of a funny joke or imagine yourself or the other person in a silly situation to get your mind away from your anger.

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4 thoughts on “Anger Management Tips

  1. Jon Rhodes

    Good tips! I would like to add that whilst breathing slowly and deeply, it is difficult to feel angry. Notice the next time you feel angry. Usually the breathing becomes shallow and rapid, so when you do the opposite, you quickly lose the feelings of anger.

  2. Roseanna Leaton

    Another thing which is quick to do is to intentionally shake out your arms and legs and pretend to be a rag doll. As you relax your body your mind relaxes too, and your logical thought processes start to work properly once again.

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