What To Do If You’re Shy Naked

If you’re shy when you’re naked and the first thing you want to do is dash to turn the lights off, what can you do to overcome your bashfulness about being shy naked?

After all, if you’re that shy about being naked in front of your partner, it’s not going to help your relationship – especially if they’d like you to admire their body.

Shy naked imageUnless your partner laughs out loud when you strip bare, chances are that they’re comfortable with the way you look. Sure, they may well want you to lose a few pounds or get more into shape. But it’s not the be-all and end-all of it.

You can start to overcome your shyness by practicing on your own. When you’re the only person around, dare to take off all your clothes! You may find that even this small amount of practice is the courage you need to be – at the very least – less shy when you’re naked in front of your partner.

But you may need more of a confidence boost to actually be naked in front of your partner with the lights on.

In this case, it’s well worth getting hold of a specialist hypnosis track to sort out your problem.

It works discretely – no-one other than you will know that you’re using the track.

All you need do is put on your headphones and press play on your MP3 device.

After a few times, you’ll likely find that you start to become less self conscious when you’re naked. Heck, you may even start to enjoy it!

Of course, there are other times when you may need to be naked and your shyness could creep up on you. Showers after sports or the gym are one of the other most common times when our shyness about being naked comes out.

In these circumstances, you’re a bit more limited. Whilst you could wear a costum whilst showering, it may not be the “done thing” and you could even make your shyness even worse.

You can dash in and out as quickly as possible, having a real shower when you get home but it’s worth taking steps to overcome your nervousness about being shy naked, otherwise you run the risk of being branded as weird.

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