Best Weight Loss For Men Over 50

Weight loss used to be easy. Skip a meal here, maybe not go out for a night on the beer there and that was near enough it. Worst case scenario, exercise a bit more. Your weight stayed roughly the same.

But that changed a while ago. For most of us, somewhere around our 30’s. Then weight loss becomes a bit harder but still manageable. But during our late 30’s and most of our 40’s, that belly paunch (or beer gut or however else you want to refer to it) grows. And it seems to stay there.

Even if your mind thinks you’re a reasonably thin 20-something, the mirror reminds you otherwise. Always assuming you look in the mirror on a regular basis given that it also reminds you that you’re getting older in other ways as well.

Not to mention getting books about pregnant men for your birthday.


Weight loss for men over 50If you’re like most men, the thought of a diet is an instant turn-off. Especially if it means missing out on the normal things in life like beer, good food and generally having a good time. Albeit maybe at a slower pace than a few years ago.

You know the score: less calories eaten or drunk means your body goes into fat burning mode.

You’ve tried Atkins. Which is probably the most man-friendly diet – who could resist bacon and eggs for breakfasts, steaks and all those other things that freak out the veggies in your life.

But then the craving for carbs comes back. You have a nice, crusty, piece of white bread. Or a pizza. Or some southern fried chicken (convincing yourself that it’s “almost” Atkins, ignoring the breadcrumbs and fries and upgrade options).

And because you’ve lapsed once, it’s all over. That’s the problem with any diet. We think that if we lapse once, we’re never going to succeed.

But actually that’s not the case.

Let’s face it, we’re only human.

And there’s only so many times you can turn down going out for a meal or a few drinks before you’re classed as being totally anti-social.

So, especially once we’re over 50, we need a weight loss plan that caters for that.

One of the best ones I’ve found is the Fast Diet. Although it sounds like a crash weight loss course, it isn’t.

And it’s nicely man-friendly.

You pick two days a week to “fast”. Or, actually, only eat around 600 calories a day. Which doesn’t sound a lot but is actually plenty. In a nutshell, skip breakfast or eat an apple if your stomach is rumbling. For lunch, have about 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of lean protein and as much salad (no oily dressing!) or non-starchy vegetables as you care to eat, followed by an apple or half a grapefruit or a bunch or grapes or similar. Do the same for evening meal.

Do that twice a week and eat normally the rest of the week.

It really is that simple.

And it works a treat for men over 50 because it’s rule based and they’re not complicated rules.

One other thing it pays to do with any weight loss plan – especially at our age when we think we know better – is to re-train our minds.

All those nagging voices that rattle around your head.

Not to mention that red tailed, horned, creature that sits on your shoulder and says that just this once will be fine. Even though you know that for things like cookies once is never enough.

That’s where weight loss hypnosis can come to the rescue.

Whether you snack late at night, eat the “wrong” type of food, eat when you’re bored, wolf down your food or near enough any other specific problem to do with weight loss, there’s an easy to listen to hypnosis track that can help.

Check out this range of self hypnosis weight loss MP3s that you can download instantly.