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How To Stop Feeling Anxious In A Car

Anxiety and panic attacks while in a car are some of the most popular and common forms of panic disorder and they happen to a lot of people. This stems mostly from bad experiences such as experiencing traffic accidents or from generally too much anxiety and stress including the fact that you’re not in control of the situation.

Nevertheless, panic disorders while traveling should be avoided so as not to cause severe anxiety disorders in the future. If you can set yourself free of them, then you can possibly go to places and open up new possibilities for yourself without fear.

Here are some ways to help you stop feeling anxious while in a car:

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Seven Tips for Overcoming Nervousness When Speaking to a Group

Do you get nervous while speaking to a group? Are you interested in speaking more confidently and freely in public? If you answered yes to both these questions then you ought to read further to learn how to speak in front of a group without being nervous.

While we may sometimes fail to admit it, being nervous while speaking affects quite a number of us. We may get nervous and fail to articulate clearly, sweat, breathe in an uncontrolled manner or even panic.

Being nervous while speaking often derails our professional or personal life hence we should try to overcome it and speak more confidently and freely. The silver lining though is that with these seven tips then you should be able to overcome your fear of addressing a group of people.

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How Not to be Boring in a Conversation

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone or a group of people, but nobody seemed to be interested in whatever you said?

Well, this clearly shows that your contributions were boring or off topic.

This might be so frustrating and thus calls for a recap of your conversation techniques. There are so many things that you can do to enhance your conversation abilities. These are the things that will make your contributions so captivating in any conversation that you may take part in. the following are the points on how not to be boring in a conversation.

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Adulting: How to Become a Grown Up Without Stopping Being You

It’s not always easy becoming grown up. Sure, there are some people who seem to be permanently old even when they’re still taking lessons at school. But most of us would prefer to stay young and that usually means not being too adult too often.

There’s a fine line here.

Being too childish too often can backfire.

But being permanently serious means you’ll probably miss out on quite a bit of fun.

Fortunately, adulting can be fun as well. Not every single adult is serious all the time (honest).

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Parents – The Real Leaders When it Comes to Dealing With Teenagers

Family is vital part of any human’s life. And as a parent, you would almost certainly like to shape your teenage son into a respectful and confident gentleman with good values and qualities.

And you, as a parent, have a simple and yet a very difficult job to do – to show him the differences between right and wrong, guide him in the right direction and yet let him use his (fairly) rational mind to make his decisions.

The psychology of a teenage boy is unpredictable and often erratic:

Simple, Effective Ways to Turn Off Your Gag Reflex

The human gag reflex is a natural occurrence that allows our body to reject unwanted intrusions. It’s a survival instinct that’s been built in to us since the year dot.

If you swallow something too large, your body will try to reject it. Those are the pharyngeal muscles going to work to save your life so you don’t choke to death.

The gag reflex often happens at the dentist or when you experience someone vomiting near you. Strong odours or chemical smells can also trigger your gag reflex. Some people even react to the sound of someone being sick.

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How to Overcome Stage Fright When Peeing

Stage fright doesn’t just happen with actors or when you’re due to speak in front of a group. It’s very common in other areas of life as well and one of those is stage fright when peeing.

That’s one of the reasons there are usually modesty panels between urinals – they’re not just there to stop you getting accused of looking the wrong way, they’re there to help you take your mind off the fact that other people are close by when you’re peeing in a public rest room.

There’s even a whole etiquette here depending on how many urinals are being used – generally it’s a case of if at all possible, leave at least one empty urinal between you and the next guy. But there are times when that’s not just possible.

So you can contort yourself and try to hold back until a cubicle is free  – that works for some people but others still don’t like the idea that their peeing can still be overheard or the door might somehow get forced in (the stuff of nightmares) or some other totally improbable but still mega worrying possibility.

Or you can take matters in hand (pun intended) and sort your mind out so that you no longer get stage fright about peeing in public facilities.

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Is Working from Home Right for You?

At first glance, working from home sounds like a great idea:

  • A few steps commuting to your office
  • Set your own hours
  • No distractions from other workers
  • No noisy office environment
  • Your workstation and office area are always available
  • No colleagues interrupting you
  • You can have your choice of background music playing

But is working from home all it’s cracked up to be?

And will it work for you?

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How to Accept Old Age Gracefully

Growing old, at least in the number of years we’ve been on this planet, is something that happens to everyone.

But that doesn’t mean we’re prepared for the experience. After all, in our formative years it seems as though everyone who’s too old to be at school is basically ancient.

And even as we begin to grow old, in our mind’s eye we’re still youthful. Even if we aren’t as fast as we were and need props such as glasses and maybe even a walking stick or other mobility aid to help us live our lives.

But unless you’re a rock star then the time comes that you need to accept old age, preferably at least kind-of gracefully.

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5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

We all have nagging voices in our heads: they’re our inner critic and often they talk to us in a way that we wouldn’t tolerate from anyone else.

At a minimum, your inner critic is negative about anything new or different you decide to do. It will come up with all sorts of reasons why it won’t work and why you shouldn’t even attempt whatever it is you’re aiming to do.

Sometimes the inner voices are even worse and stop you in your tracks, preventing you from doing something you’d actually rather enjoy and might even be good at.

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