Drinking in Moderation: Tips to Moderate Your Drinking

You’ve heard all the boring government advice about drinking in moderation but not done much about it. Then your doctor or some of your friends or work colleagues start to mention that maybe you have a few too many, just that bit too often. If that’s you – or if you’re just strong willed enough to recognize that you need to cut down the amount of alcohol you consume – then here are some ideas to help you start drinking in moderation.

Drinking in moderation imageJust drink the mixer

Most spirits are fairly unrecognizable once they get diluted with soda or juice. Only you and the bartender will know if your drink is 100% mixer and 0% alcohol. With the prices in bars nowadays, even your wallet won’t notice much difference but that’s another matter entirely.

The fun part of just drinking the mixer is that you can still take part in the social occasion without appearing to be antisocial.

Give it a try – even if it’s just alternate rounds at first.

Offer to be the designated driver

Everyone knows that designated drivers don’t drink. So use that to help you on your path to drinking more moderately.

Plus if your group of friends are like most of the people I know, you’ll be the hero for the evening 🙂

Drink lower alcohol drinks

Most drinks have a range of alcohol levels.

Ignoring the zero alcohol versions, beers in bars range from around 4% to over 5%.

Wines can be as low as single digit percentages up to mid teens. Or you can order a spritzer so that you’ve got an overall lower amount of alcohol.

Even spirits aren’t all the same proof.

So take the time to check which brands are lower in alcohol and make a conscious effort to switch to them.

Drink smaller portions

Most social drinking is done in rounds. No-one will pay attention if you’re drinking a 12 ounce bottle of beer when they’re all swilling down pints. But if you keep pace at this lower level (and maybe cut the alcohol level as well) then you’re well on your way to moderating your drinking.

The same goes for wine – a small glass rather than a large one – and spirits – a single rather than a double.

Use hypnosis

This will help your mind to come round to the idea that drinking in moderation is at least as much fun as getting completely wrecked. Simply listening to a hypnosis session a few times (including, ideally, before you go out on the town) will help you in your quest to drink more moderately.

Click here for a hypnosis download to help with drinking in moderation.