How Not to be Boring in a Conversation

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone or a group of people, but nobody seemed to be interested in whatever you said?

Well, this clearly shows that your contributions were boring or off topic.

This might be so frustrating and thus calls for a recap of your conversation techniques. There are so many things that you can do to enhance your conversation abilities. These are the things that will make your contributions so captivating in any conversation that you may take part in. the following are the points on how not to be boring in a conversation.

1. Know who you are talking to

This is the most important thing for you to consider before taking part in any conversation lest you become boring.

stop being boringKnowing who you are talking to will help you know what to talk about and how to talk about it.

Besides observations, the other way of knowing who you are talking to is by asking some simple questions.

Some of these questions might be, “what are some of the things you do in life?” “How much do you like whatever you do in life?”

This will help you know what interests this person so much and hence avoid the topics that may cause boredom. What you have to keep in mind is that boredom in conversations is basically caused by taking up subjects that someone might not be interested in or not versant with.

2. Always have an opinion on what somebody says

The best way to keep a conversation lively is by putting forward relevant opinions on what is being said. Well, if you have no opinion, why then are you in that conversation?

As a matter of fact, your opinions will always lead to something else and the conversation will keep on building up.

Avoid unnecessary or out of topic opinions. Out of topic opinions will always put the person you are talking to off, and that’s where boredom will set in. If you do not understand anything, always ask for clarifications before you put forth your own opinion.

3. Focus on subject linking

Subject linking is a magical tool that you can use to make a conversation more interesting and lively. Well, do you know what subject linking is?

Let me help you out, subject linking is the art of linking whatever someone has said to something else.

It not only makes the conversation interesting but also builds upon it.

A good example of this: when somebody says that “Bondeni went to the market.” You can quickly as for why he was named Bondeni, or try to find out which market he went to.

4. Don’t be too official

A conversation is not a debate or a meeting where you have to be too official.

Make the conversation casual by taking up different topics which are familiar to both of you. You can talk about politics, family, relationship issues or even politics.

Don’t be too factual and rigid as you may kill the mood of the conversation.

Try to be flexible enough to change your mind whenever the circumstance calls for you to do so.

5. Talk, but don’t talk too much

What you have to keep in mind is that you are not giving a lecture but having a conversation. Therefore, avoid talking too much as you may make everything so boring.

Give a chance to other people, so that they can also give their opinions and views.

6. Make jokes

You can avoid being boring in a conversation by making jokes.

You can make jokes about yourself or the other person you are talking to.

When making fun of other people, always observe limits as somethings might put them off, and instead of being funny, you will be boring to them.

You can also avoid being boring by laughing at the jokes others are making. This will give them the motivation of going on with the conversation without getting bored.

The above points are what you need to consider on how not to be boring in a conversation.

Conversations need to be lively and interesting but not boring.

Therefore play your role effectively and let the other person play his or her role effectively too.

And if you’d like more help to not be boring in conversations you’re having, check out this link.