How To Hypnotize Yourself To Eat Healthy

You’ve been having trouble keeping of the junk food. So much so that it has now started to take a toll on your health. You’ve gone from being healthy to slightly plump and on your way to becoming maybe a little (or a lot) obese.

I’ve had my share of battles with overeating too. I kept trying so hard to avoid food that I went hungry the entire day and gorged on whatever I could find in the evening. I was just not able to get around to the fact that if I continued going down the same path I would have more than my weight to worry about. That was until one of my friends suggested that I try self-hypnosis (do’h with the name of this site I should have sussed that but had never paid attention to using hypnosis for weight loss before)

While I knew what was to be done, my body just would not cooperate with me. I need something drastic and hypnosis was just as good a suggestion as any other.

5 Awesome Ways To Hypnotize Yourself To Eat Healthier

This method of losing weight might take some time, but the effects are long-lasting. I suggest you take some time to mentally prepare to trick yourself into eating healthy meals every day.

1. Motivation Is The Key To Success

The first step to self-hypnosis is motivation. You’ll need some time to get accustomed to the practice, but it will come to you. Have a strong mental image of what you would like to look like in your mind. Find a cozy corner of your home where you won’t be distracted and focus on the image in your head. This is the first step to healthy eating. Your mental image of yourself will be the key motivating factor in what keeps you eating healthy throughout the day. If not your body, think about some other factors with a strong emotional connect. People have had success with how their family would feel if they suddenly fall ill due to their weight issues. You could try something that works for you.

2. Associate Snacks With Some Food You Dislike

Once you’ve built your core motivation for eating healthy, you’ll find yourself reaching for healthier snacking alternatives. When you slip up don’t let it get you down. In fact, during the self-hypnosis process, you will munch on some junk food every now and then. This is perfectly normal. However, whenever you do pick up the packet of chips imagine yourself eating some food you thoroughly dislike. I for one really don’t like broccoli (I get forced to eat a Brussel Sprout at Christmas). Although a healthy food, I can’t get myself to eat it. Even when I had a burger I kept picturing myself eating some broccoli. The association I made with burgers and broccoli is so strong that I still can’t look at a burger without smelling broccoli. While you don’t need to make the association so strong this trick can definitely help you lose weight and start getting healthy.

3. Associate Healthy Food With Foods You Like

The reverse is also unsurprisingly true. Like I made a strong connection with burgers and broccoli, I made one with salads and cake. Every time I ate some salads I thought about eating cake, I looked at pictures of cake, I did everything I could do to make the association of eating healthy foods with eating tasty unhealthy snacks. Now you may balk at the suggestion, but isn’t that what hypnosis is all about? Altering your attitude to make it shape a new reality? Every time I thought I would give in to temptation I would just close my eyes and think about what motivates me to eat healthily.

4. Relax

Hypnotizing yourself to eat healthy won’t come in a day. It takes time, sometimes weeks and months. Another great way to achieve success while you hypnotize yourself is to relax at every opportunity. There are plenty of reasons people overeat. For some stress triggers the eating, for others its sadness. If you are ever in a situation where you feel you might have some omfort food’ (and I say this sarcastically) just take a few deep breaths, relax your mind, loosen the knots in your body, and just breathe. You’ll find that in a few moments your urges will have disappeared as though by magic.

5. Make An Audio Recording Of Why You Want To Eat Healthy

Keep a recording of yourself (or a loved one) in the calmest voice possible, telling you why you want to eat healthily. Listen to the recording every night before you go to bed. The only person who can truly convince you that you need to eat healthier is yourself.

Using these very tips helped me shed a more weight than you would believe. Although I’ve gone below the weight target I set for myself before I started, I’m now working even harder to get in better shape. Not only do I eat healthier I now also routinely exercise. You can do it too, however, the proof of this isn’t in the pudding.

Plus a self-hypnosis track or two that I play regularly.