How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Diet

You know how it is: you start out motivated to diet then life gets in the way. Your good intentions drift and you start falling back into your old habits.

Often way too soon after you start your diet.

Then the weight loss/weight gain cycle starts again.

Here are some ways to keep you motivated to diet:

Motivated to dietSmall changes add up

100 calories here, 50 calories there.

It all counts!

There are some simple switches you can make that will work for this. Things like using milk instead of cream (or half & half) in your coffee, cutting down sugar, eating food you’ve prepared yourself, using spray oil in your pan, that kind of thing.

Individually, they don’t seem like much but over the course of a week or a month they can make a tremendous difference.

So it can pay to concentrate on the seemingly small items.

Allow yourself a treat occasionally

Forbidden fruit is always more tempting.

If something is totally on your “don’t eat” list, you’ll develop cravings for it without doubt. That’s human nature.

So maybe once a week allow yourself a day where your diet isn’t completely in control of what you eat.

Obviously you can’t go over the top with this, otherwise you’ll undo all the work that you’ve put in to your diet but in moderation it can work nicely.

Get a buddy

For me, this has been the best thing I’ve ever done.

You go through the ups and downs together.

You support each other in the healthy eating side of things.

And you hold each other accountable – I even had to text my diet buddy when they were on holiday to prove that I was keeping to my diet.

Weigh yourself regularly

There are different schools of thought on this.

Personally, I weigh myself daily but some people suggest only weekly due to the daily fluctuations in weight.

Whichever you decide, weigh yourself at the same time of day.

And keep a note of your weight and the date so that you can look back on your weight loss over time as an extra incentive to keep yourself motivated to diet.

Be careful with diet foods

Food labels do contain all the information you need but often put the information in small print and in awkward to read colour combinations.

If that happens on any label you start reading, that’s not a good sign! Persevere and make your decision after doing so.

As a general rule, avoid diet sodas. The artificial sweeteners mess with your brain and your body reacts as though it’s had a full dose of sugar. Which can mean they have the opposite effect on your weight to the one you thought was happening.

Diet foods often swap fat for sugar. It’s hard to tell from the big flashes on the front of the packaging but once you start examining the ingredients label, the truth comes out.

Use hypnosis to keep you motivated

Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind (the bit that looks after most of you most of the time).

It will usually involve subtle changes that support your conscious mind’s efforts to lose weight and will help keep you motivated to diet for longer.

You can instantly download a hypnosis MP3 to keep you motivated to diet here.