How to Stop Eating Ice – 7 Secrets Revealed!

If you have been struggling with the habit of eating ice when you know you’re not hungry or thirsty but you just feel like eating ice is a must-do for you.

Probably you have been looking for a way to stop it but to no avail. This habit is called pagophagia, a form of pica (the medical term for chewing and craving on items without nutritional value).

You need to think about stopping your ice munching habot because of the damage that is attached to it, including cracking of tooth enamel, the risk of getting gum infections, getting low on iron, sliding into an eating disorder, etc. In this article, I will show you 7 secrets to stop eating ice completely.

1: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

If eating ice is caused by stress, then CBT can help. This is a talking therapy that can ultimately help in managing your pagophagia problem by reshaping the way you behave and think. The therapy involves a lot of counseling, so you should help yourself by giving in to all the stages involves.

2: Eating fruit as an Alternative

Eating fruit as an alternative is a good way for you to stop eating ice. The ice replacements you need here can be varieties of fruits or other types of food that is healthy which you can eat or chew from time to time. As time goes on, you’ll discover that your love for ice will gradually evaporate.

3: Deficiency Treatment

If you have a deficiency of iron, treating the deficiency can help a lot. So if a medical test reveals that you’re low on iron, try to get some treatment first which may include the taking of iron supplements. Once you are done with the treatment, there may not be the need for any other intervention to stop eating ice. Make sure you consult a doctor first because taking iron supplements when it’s not necessary may build it up in the body which cannot be destroyed by the human body.

4: Cold Drinks

If the reason why you chew ice is that of the problem of your dry mouth or to stop the habit of taking tobacco, try checking out the taste of popsicles and/or cold drinks. While you want to avoid cavities and weight gain, then you can get frozen water or unsweetened popsicles which you can prepare on your own with a little amount of fruit juice for a taste.

5: Feel your Emotion

One of the problems we have as human beings is not allowing yourself to feel your emotions. If an emotional feeling is what makes you eat ice often, then don’t be shy to cry out for help. Look for a counselor or someone that you can talk to about your feelings; someone who can advise and guide you through the emotional periods. During this moment, allow yourself to go through the emotions and test of time instead of comforting yourself by eating ice.

6: Occupy Your Mind

The love you have for ice sometimes might be as a result of idleness. This can occur with the stay at home moms that have easy access to ice. Once you’re determined to stop the habit, make sure you get yourself occupied with other things to fill the gap. You can try reading novels, reading useful information (like this) on the internet, get other chores done, etc. In case you’re a grown-up child who is also addicted to pagophagia, you can help yourself by getting occupied with home work, career-based studies, going to the library with friends and other useful pieces of stuff you know that might help you.

7: Water Cure

If your desire to eat ice is not as a result of a thirst for water, then consider replacing ice with water which can add a lot of health values to your body. Whenever you have the urge to eat ice, take water instead or you probably have a bottle of water by your side always as a reminder of what you’re foregoing and what you’re moving towards.

Some of these tips might not be easy to get along with at the beginning but with time and utmost dedication, you’ll definitely get over the habit of eating ice. You’re in the best position to help yourself in any kind of situation before approaching others for help. So, be determined to do without ice, approach others that might be of help and then you’ll be glad at the end.

And you can also try out using hypnosis to stop eating ice. It’s simple – just listen to an MP3 file and let it do the hard work.