How To Stop Facial Blushing Naturally

Spill your coffee on someone? Awkward. Accidentally curse in front of a
kid? Angry parent yelling at you and queue your face blushing. Sometimes, it may
seem as though your red face will never go away. But ways to fix this do
exist, I promise. You don’t have to become red-faced and embarrassed forever.
Here are six ways to get rid of that rosy complexion; and stomp out awkward
situations before they start.

1. Will the Blush Away

I bet this sounds harder than it looks. However, I promise it’s not.

All that you need for this is the determination and will to stop your face from becoming red. Think about different situations that happened to be way more embarrassing than the one you are currently in – I know there has to be a lot of them.

Remember a time where you tripped on some stairs in front of someone cute? Are there any moments that are ten times worse than the one you are in? If you think about situations that are worse, you won’t feel as nervous. The blush will begin to fade, and everything will be okay again.

2. Wash your Face

What causes blushing, you ask? Blushing happens when you experience emotions such as nervousness or embarrassment. The nervous system then goes into overdrive and causes the blood vessels in your face to widen. An easy way to keep the nervous system at bay is to wash your face as it will not only cool off but also calm down the blood vessels.

3. Stay Hydrated

As long as you are hydrated, blushing will happen less frequently. It is crucial to make sure water is always flowing through your system because it hydrates your organ systems, including the nervous system.

Drink preferably cool or cold water as hot water can heat you up even more and cause the blush to get worse. Water before something that may trigger the blush (going on a date, making a speech,) decreases the chances of you getting nervous and or embarrassed.

4. Calm Yourself Down

Blushing can be triggered by the brains fight or flight system and when somebody blushes it’s normally accompanied by an adrenaline rush.

The great thing about an adrenaline rush is that it can always go away. Think of things that are comforting or maybe things that make you happy. If you have animals, thinking of a time when they were cuter than ever can distract you from the fact you are blushing. This will calm down the fight or flight system and help the rose color fade away. Don’t have animals? Think of some things you may enjoy doing. Memories you may have, like maybe going on a rollercoaster, something funny happening at work, anything that will make you laugh or smile.

5. Draw Attention to It

Hold up! Before you freak out and say “why would I ever want to let somebody know I’m blushing?” The answer? It’ll help to calm it down.

The inflammation will go away once you draw attention to it. Embarrassment at the core is hoping that someone won’t notice something, or hoping that everyone stops looking at you. After letting someone know you are blushing they will feel more comfortable and may even laugh to break the ice.

Telling someone else will also take the weight of it all off your shoulders and make you feel more relaxed. And relaxation, as we all know, is the primary factor in not letting yourself get red in the face.

6. Wear Makeup

Although it may not seem like a viable idea, wearing color-correcting makeup can counteract the red tint of the blush. a green color corrector. It will keep your face from turning red – or as red – as it does.

Trust me when I say makeup works. Being a severe blusher myself, during presentations at work, school, or just being the center of attention in a group full of friends; I can tell you that makeup is the key to minimize the redness in your face. Slap on some color-corrector on your cheeks or wherever you blush, top it off with some powder, and I promise you’re set. Just don’t go too overboard with it, we don’t need over one Shrek on this earth.

These options are credible do work as they are researched to provide the most accurate information. As someone who suffers from chronic blushing in the worst situations, I can say the use of these will eliminate the problem before it starts. I have shared these tips with friends,
and all of them have said they worked. Enjoy having the perfect presentation, date, or project without the fear of becoming red in front of everyone!

To get more help with stopping blushing, click this link.