How Virtual Gastric Band Therapy Works and its Benefits

Practically everyone has heard of gastric bands (and certainly everyone who has struggled with dieting and weight loss throughout their lives). However a lesser known weight loss option is that of virtual gastric bands, so here we explain just how this could be a more effective and far safer option for those looking to lose weight.

The dangers of gastric bands:

After surgery complications

HealthFollowing gastric band surgery a person can be subject to a plethora of risks, including infection, blood clots (such as deep vein thrombosis) and internal bleeding; all of which can lead to potentially life threatening situations.

Excess skin

Excess skin is generally to be expected following dramatic weight loss. Such skin is very difficult, if not impossible, to rectify without further surgery. Additionally, as excess skin is considered to be a cosmetic issue rather than a medical one, further surgery to remove it will not be provided for on the NHS.


Gallstones is a relatively common condition that can be brought about by weight loss and will generally appear in 1 in 12 people. This condition comes about as a result of cholesterol that collects within the body and is frequently referred to as a condition that is more painful than childbirth!

How virtual gastric bands are a safe, effective alternative

Many people underestimate just how powerful their brains are and what they are capable of. Hypnosis professionals however are fully aware of what is achievable through changing thoughts and virtual gastric bands work on this premise.

Virtual gastric bands involve the person looking to lose weight being hypnotised; this changes the way in which food is thought about and helps the person in establishing a healthy relationship with food and their lifestyle.

Through hypnosis sessions the person is taken safely through their thoughts in order to convince their brain that they have, in effect, had a gastric band. Specifically it works by ensuring the person has thoughts that they are full after eating smaller amounts of food than they would have previously.

The benefits of virtual gastric band

No possible medical complications

The risk of serious medical complications during gastric band surgery should never be taken lightly, particularly as being overweight heightens the risk of any surgery at all. Virtual gastric bands, such as those offered at offer a completely safe and effective alternative.

Not a quick fix but a viable, long term solution

Physical gastric bands are very often, and quite rightly, thought of as a quick fix. Additionally it is a common misconception that gastric bands are 100% effective and last forever. In reality however gastric bands stretch over time and eventually the person could be eating just as much as they were previously.

Enjoying food and not calorie counting

Because virtual gastric bands work on the subconscious the person that has had hypnosis is not aware of their changed actions in relation to food. Specifically this means that there is no conscious calorie counting or discounting treats, it simply means the person eats less, allowing them to enjoy their food just as much as they did previously.