Memory Improvement Guide: How Can You Stop Forgetting Words for Things

As you grow older, your brain may also have a difficult time in processing your stored knowledge and also the incoming ones. You may be slower on recalling the names of people or objects and it will seem like the words are on the tip of your tongue which is really frustrating.

Remembering things can be difficult, especially if you are forgetful, even special occasions and appointments can be missed because of it slipped your mind. In the short term, it can be harmless but it can take a toll on future significant occasions if your forgetfulness lingers on.
If you ever experienced this in your life, then this memory improvement guide is perfect for you! You can train and improve your mind if you put effort into it.

Techniques and tips to guide you in improving your memory

Creating reminders and to-do lists are a helpful way to remind you of something. But this works just for the short term. The long-term requires the effort to utilize your mind and boost the retention of a lot of information. This list will tackle the strategies that you need to maximize the use of your memory.

Stop treating your brain as some kind of unorganized bin

Don’t just throw everything that you’re learning in your mind. It can be overloaded with too much information and when you start to look for something that has something to do with what you learned earlier, you start seeking for it in the dark. In order to organize what you learned, write them down. With this, the learning process can be more efficient. Keywords can be used as a note and your mind will do the trick of remembering information about that given topic written in your notebook.

Don’t rely too much on Google

Being able to know that you can search for something once you forget it creates a feeling of being dependent. Since you know that you can take the easy solution of googling it out, then you won’t bother to improve your memory since will serve as your savior every single time you forget. This attitude will just worsen your forgetfulness.

Create a memory palace

This process is also referred to as a method of loci. In this, you produce a familiar place within your mind; it can be your home, a library or somewhere that you feel comfortable in. Once the place is established, you place the things, people, memories that you never want to forget in precise locations inside the area. You can walk through and pull out a folder and the information that you want will be stored there. You can also imagine exaggerated images to represent the objects or people.

Observe and pay attention to your surroundings

Little details are often missed because you are not observant enough. You don’t take in what’s in front of you. Simple things like this are the training that you need to improve your memory on a regular basis. Stop and look around then close your eyes and test yourself if what you remember is correct. This is the exercise for your mind.

Eat healthy food

The food that you intake every day has a great impact on your brain. The nutrients that you get from vegetables and fruits are necessary to build a stronger mind. Poor memory can be caused by eating added sugar too much.

Use Mnemonic Devices

If you have to remember a long list that you have to buy at a grocery store, try this procedure. For most people, it is proven to be useful and helps them to remember many things. Acronyms, visuals, rhythmic words, and chunking are some of the ways to assist you in organizing the concepts in your mind.

Get adequate sleep at night

In a research, it is shown that being sleep deprived most of the time has a negative impact on your memory. The process in which the short-term memories turn into long-term memories are done through sleep. Thus, lack of sleep leads to poor retention of information.

Play brain games

These games include crossword puzzles, word recalling games, logic, and memory training are an effective way in enhancing your memory. It strengthens the mind and also improves concentration and the ability of problem-solving.

For more help to stop you forgetting words, check out this hypnosis track.