Natural Childbirth Self Hypnosis: How To Reduce Pain During Childbirth

Many people think that natural childbirth is the best possible way to bring a newborn baby into the world. But there is a flip side which is the pain associated with childbirth. Not helped by television shows and movies with scenes of women screaming in agony as they give birth.

Everyone is different and everyone experiences pain differently.

But regardless of your pain threshold, it’s definitely worth considering using self hypnosis to help reduce the pain you’re likely to experience during natural childbirth.

Natural childbirth newborn baby imageWhilst it is possible to see a hypnotist to help you deal with the anticipated pain – and the anticipated joy – of your new son or daughter, it’s not always feasible to mix in visits to a hypnotist alongside all the other things that need to happen such as checkups, visits to the midwife and umpteen other things that all have to be done before childbirth. Let alone book them to sit beside you on the big day itself.

A self hypnosis MP3 is one of the best ways around that conundrum. You can listen to it at leisure and the half hour or so that the track lasts will give you a peaceful oasis at this often high pressure time.

Hypnosis is a good way to relax your mind. And – as you’ll know from all those expectant mother classes and talks – relaxation is a “must have” skill during the last few weeks of your pregnancy when it can seem as though the whole world is conspiring against you, not just the unborn child you’re carrying who’s more and more eager to make their presence (literally) felt.

It’s also a very easy way to help you prepare for your childbirth.

Top athletes rehearse their games before they take part in them and a good hypnosis track can help you do the same.

Because some of the pain associated with childbirth is pain we generate ourselves. Sure, a lot of it will happen anyway, but the more we can do to reduce its effect, the better.

And rehearsing your new child’s birth in your mind can help a lot with that.

Using self hypnosis to prepare for natural childbirth is a choice that more and more enlightened women are taking and you can try out the ideas for yourself by downloading a self hypnosis track and listening to it.

Click here to download a natural childbirth self hypnosis track.