Overcoming Your Fear of Dentists – Is It Possible?

If you have a fear of dentists, you’re not alone. Estimates range up to three quarters of the adult population being affected.fear of dentists

A lot of people are afraid of dentists. Some have this fear of dentists to the extent of avoiding having their teeth checked altogether. Other people just get the jitters and turn stiff as a board, knuckles white, as soon as they lay down on the dentists chair.

So, is it possible to overcome your fear of dentists?


Start by choosing a friendly dentist. Ask them questions (or get a friend to quiz them on your behalf) to find out how well they deal with their more nervous patients.

Then work out whether it’s facing that person in a white coat, beaming an impossibly white grin and who understands all those awkward grunts when you answer one of their questions whilst they are probing around your mouth with a miniaturized ice pick.

Or is it a fear of needles instead? On a rational level, you know that you’re not going to get stabbed with a needle purely for a checkup. But there’s a back of mind nagging doubt. If it is needle fear, talk to your dentist and find out what alternatives there are to that nasty jab.

Rationalizing fears is possible but is probably the hardest way of getting rid of them. After all, if you could talk yourself out of your fear you probably would. Then your fear of dentists would evaporate. Fat chance of doing this on your own!

Instead, try listening to a fear of dentists hypnosis MP3 to get over your fear of dentists. This will chip away at the irrational side of your dentist phobia. Listen a few times and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to walk into your dentist’s surgery without turning paper white. A few more listenings should give you the strength to maybe even have a small filling. Longer term, your fear will run away.

Download a hypnosis for fear of dentists MP3 here.

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