Self Hypnosis MP3’s Money-Saving Pack

This is a bundle of 37 Self Hypnosis tracks to help you in all walks of life.

The tracks will all be instantly available as soon as you purchase the bundle – you can play them online or download them to play on your own device.

The tracks are here:

Alcohol addiction: reduce or eliminate your addiction to alcohol.
Learn more, easily: our brains are powerful – use this track to harness more of your mind’s power.
Be authentic: be more true to yourself and notice how this improves your life.
Be more confident: raise your confidence levels quickly.
Beach body mindset: don’t be scared of showing your body off on the beach.
Break bonds: discover how to break the bonds that are holding you back in life.
Boost confidence: another approach to boosting your confidence levels (hint: alternate this with the other confidence track for maximum impact)
Unleash your creativity: let your creative self loose with this track.
Deal with sorrow and grief: don’t let sorrow hold you back. Yes, it’s important to grieve but you still need to live your life whilst acknowledging the lives of those who are no long with us.
Relaxation hypnosis: immerse yourself in this track and give yourself time to relax.
Reach your destiny: get out of a rut and use hypnosis to help you reach the heights you’ve always been destined for.
Get motivated to exercise: play this track when you know you “should” exercise but haven’t got the enthusiasm to actually do it.
Find your true love: romance is in the air!
Improve your health: our bodies have lots of auto-repair mechanisms, harness them to your advantage.
Eat healthier: help your subconscious to help you make the right eating decisions.
Lose weight: use the power of hypnosis to help you lose those unwanted pounds.
Success on the internet: whether you’re just selling a few things here and there or want to build a whole business on the internet.
Live Every Day as Though It’s Your Last: this is a really empowering way to live your life to the full.
Make your dreams come true: hypnosis can help you to focus on your dreams and make them come true.
Master your life: be as in control of your life as you can be by mastering how you live your life.
Be at one with the universe: use being at one with the universe to attract things you never believed possible before.
Stop procrastinating: everyone procrastinates now and then – it’s when it becomes a habit that you need to stop doing it.
Passive income: use the power of hypnosis to attract more of your income passively.
Perfect relationship: mindset affects our relationships – make sure yours is as perfect as possible.
Think positive thoughts: negativity isn’t good for you. Thinking positive thoughts more often attracts positivity – use this in conjunction with the next track.
Improve your positivity: a positive attitude repels negativity. It sounds simple – try it and prove it to yourself.
Attract prosperity: use this alongside the wealth attraction hypnosis MP3 to attract prosperity into your life.
Quit smoking: hypnosis has one of the highest success rates for quitting smoking, saving money as well as improving your health.
Be more spiritual: use this track to get more in touch with your spiritual side.
Stay relaxed: hypnosis is relaxing and this track is specially designed to help you stay relaxed.
Stop smoking: use in conjunction with the other quit smoking hypnosis MP3 to give you the highest chance of success of kicking the habit.
Stop snacking: if you snack or comfort eat, this hypnosis track will help put you back in control.
Be totally motivated: boost your motivation to do things in life rather than just let life pass you by.
Total relaxation: another relaxation track. I vary the ones I play to myself and suggest you do the same.
Happiness attraction: happy people live better lives! Attract more happiness into your life.
Weight loss hypnosis: piling on the pounds isn’t something we do consciously most of the time – use this track to get your subconscious to help you lose weight.
Wealth attraction: wealth comes in lots of forms. Attract more of it into your life with this MP3.

Self hypnosis downloads are typically around $15 per track but you can get all 37 hypnosis MP3s for one very low price.

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Self Hypnosis MP3s Money-Saving Pack