Seven Tips for Overcoming Nervousness When Speaking to a Group

Do you get nervous while speaking to a group? Are you interested in speaking more confidently and freely in public? If you answered yes to both these questions then you ought to read further to learn how to speak in front of a group without being nervous.

While we may sometimes fail to admit it, being nervous while speaking affects quite a number of us. We may get nervous and fail to articulate clearly, sweat, breathe in an uncontrolled manner or even panic.

Being nervous while speaking often derails our professional or personal life hence we should try to overcome it and speak more confidently and freely. The silver lining though is that with these seven tips then you should be able to overcome your fear of addressing a group of people.

1. Do not focus too much on being perfect and being loved by the audience.

speaking to a groupAt times you get nervous because you set too high standards and you do not want to fail in your speech. This fear of failure can make you nervous and affect your speech. However, you should remember that the audience is there to listen to you so do not worry too much. If you worry too much then you will get nervous and surely spoil your speech. You should however try to forget thinking too much about your expectations and focus on trying to just give your speech
and you will be surprised things will work out for you.

2. Work on your breathing pattern.

Your breathing pattern often plays a big part in your speech delivery. Quite often you may fail to control your breathing which will ultimately make you nervous. You should instead focus on trying to control your breathing. Controlling your breathing will help you relax and, subsequently, get into rhythm. You should use pauses to help you catch a breathe when you feel you are not having enough.

3. Practice.

The saying practice makes perfect applies when it comes to speaking in groups. Practising will help you overcome your nervousness while speaking to a group.

You should practise on people you are more familiar with and move to unfamiliar groups. Starting with the familiar people will help you build confidence and momentum when it comes to being calm and relaxed when speaking. This will be key as you progress to the unfamiliar groups of people.

4. Find a mentor or a coach.

There are so many public speaking classes today. They offer lessons and practices on public speaking. Take advantage and enroll yourself in one today and you will surely learn a lot. These mentors and coaches have a lot of knowledge and they are likely to help you overcome your nervousness and help you speak more confidently and freely in a group.

5. Be well prepared on the topic.

Quite often, if you are not well prepared about a topic then you are likely to be nervous as you fear that you are supposed to address a group over a topic that you are less familiar with. To help with this, you should research on the topic prior to speaking and ensure that you are comfortable about it or at least you have a better idea about the topic.

6. Control your speed of talking.

Speaking at a very fast rate often affects your breathing pattern as you will be breathing less which makes you panic hence leaving you more susceptible to being nervous. You should instead try to speak at a controlled rate which will give you a chance to control your breathing hence reducing the likelihood of being nervous. When you feel like you are talking too fast then have a pause to allow the group to catch up and become calm.

7. Be orderly and punctual.

Avoid things that may make you uncomfortable either prior to or during the speech. You should arrive early which will give you enough time to organize yourself and familiarize yourself with the surrounding. This time should also be enough for you to be comfortable before starting the speech.

Getting nervous while speaking is not a very big issue as it can be resolved with these tips. People who speak well today like Warren Buffet once had it but they overcame it hence you can overcome your nervousness and become more comfortable and free in speaking to groups.

If you need more help, hypnosis for public speaking can be a simple and highly effective way to overcome your nerves.