Successful Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Based on my initial experiences, when it comes to using hypnosis programs to lose weight, I believed that losing weight was just going to be impossible.

You don’t know how to get rid of bad habits and you don’t understand that being patient to wait to see results is vital for you to succeed.

A lot of us expect almost immediate results from our weight goals and then give up too quickly when that doesn’t happen or it all becomes “too difficult”. And that can happen with whatever program you were trying out at that time.

The list below has four major rules necessary for the mind over matter state that you can develop when you use hypnosis to help with your weight loss:

  • You have to change in order to change
  • You can change
  • Change and atience gives results
  • Change begins in the mind

You have to change in order to change

Weight Loss with HypnosisThe first very important step is to believe. The second actually ensures making a change.

Weight loss with hypnosis revolves about making simple changes that give you help in the right direction towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Here is a list of some changes I’ve achieved to make through weight loss with hypnosis:

  • Go out on a walk with my family or friends several times a week
  • Avoid over-eating – stopping just when feeling satisfied
  • Eating just 2 donuts instead of 5 (!)
  • Attending to household chores with ease
  • Preparing foods at home instead of eating out so much

Out of many different changes, those were the first 5 things I began to realize as a result of using weight loss with hypnosis.

You can change

Each and every one of us has the power to change. This power is part of understanding who we are as living beings… we grow and evolve with our experiences and the various choices that we make.

Start believing that you can change. Even if you only believe in very small bits, start to believe.

Maybe you don’t imagine or even believe you can lose 60 pounds.


Do you possibly believe you might be able to lose 8 pounds? What if it was as low as 3 pounds?

Change and Patience gives Results

It’s easy to find yourself frustrated when you start modifying your behavior and don’t achieve complete change right away. When I first began using weight loss with hypnosis, I wanted to ensure losing about 65 pounds so as to achieve my target.

But I needed to be patient to achieve that – those pounds don’t drop off overnight.

Change begins in your mind

In a similar way you have to let your heart and mind believe that you’re able to change. That change must first begin in your mind.

You’ve got to deal with unhealthy beliefs regarding food and eating.

You must know about non-food strategies for finding comfort.

When it comes to weight loss with hypnosis, it begins in your mind.

In the first week, I only lost 4 pounds.

The things I started doing worked, but slowly only at the rate of 4 pounds per week and about 15 in a month.

It’s easy to feel frustrated if you simply look at it like that, but really, even if I would have happened to lose only 0.8 pounds per week I’d be sure to hit my targeted goal in about a year.

Permanent change requires a long time.

But hypnosis can help keep you on track!