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Best Weight Loss For Men Over 50

Weight loss used to be easy. Skip a meal here, maybe not go out for a night on the beer there and that was near enough it. Worst case scenario, exercise a bit more. Your weight stayed roughly the same.

But that changed a while ago. For most of us, somewhere around our 30’s. Then weight loss becomes a bit harder but still manageable. But during our late 30’s and most of our 40’s, that belly paunch (or beer gut or however else you want to refer to it) grows. And it seems to stay there.

Even if your mind thinks you’re a reasonably thin 20-something, the mirror reminds you otherwise. Always assuming you look in the mirror on a regular basis given that it also reminds you that you’re getting older in other ways as well.

Not to mention getting books about pregnant men for your birthday.


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Sticking To Your Low Carb Diet Plan

Different diets seem to work better for different people, even if they’re a low carb diet plan. If you’ve ever gone on a diet because your friend lost pounds almost overnight but your weight has obstinately stayed the same, you’ll know what I mean.

Low carb diet plans are no different.low carb diet plans

Some people get on well with them – gnawing away at all the meat and tucking into those fried breakfasts they’ve missed while trying out a low fat diet.

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