Weight control hypnosis

Weight control hypnosis. It’s probably every dieters dream: eat what you like and still shed pounds.

Trouble is, it really is only a dream for most people.

There’s no real secret to weight control. Eat sensibly, exercise a bit and hey presto, you’re slim again.

If only it were that easy in real life!

Which is where weight control hypnosis comes in.Weight control hypnosis

At the moment, your conscious mind is saying “lose those pounds” but your unconscious is fighting against you and eating as often as it can.

It’s not your fault. Our survival instinct over the centuries has taught us to eat when food is plentiful, in case there’s a famine just around the corner.

That was almost certainly true in the past. But in these days of 24 hour shopping, you’re almost never more than a few minutes away from food. Nice, tasty, enticing food!

Which does well for the food manufacturers profits and the clothing stores as your current set of clothes keeps “shrinking” every time you wash it.

But your waistline suffers. Big time (pun intended).

It’s no good trying to rationalize with your subconscious mind. If you do that directly, it plain won’t work. If you don’t believe me, think how many times you’ve tried to rationalize and tell your subconscious to eat less. Who won? You or your waistline?

OK, so case proven there.

So, if you can’t work on your weight control consciously, it’s time to stack the odds in your favor at last.

Which is where weight control hypnosis comes in.

It works directly with your subconscious mind (the part of you that’s controlling all your food urges and cravings). Gradually changing how you think about food.

Don’t worry, you can still dodge those salads unless you suddenly develop an unhealthy desire for rocket and cress.

Weight control hypnosis will work with you rather than against you, gradually changing the way you think about food so that you no longer think about eating things every waking moment (and maybe in your dreams as well!).

Just pick the hypnosis track that best suits your current aim – whether it’s to quit snacking all the time, stop eating just “because you’re bored” or whatever else. Then listen to it. Ideally listen to it most days for a couple weeks, then adjust according to how easy you’re finding this weight control method.

Download your weight control hypnosis tracks here.

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  1. P.B.Moore Gamer

    In 2005, I began gaining weight in spite of the fact that I was eating healthy and exercising regularly. I became very discouraged, especially since I could not pinpoint a cause for the sudden weight gain. I had my thyroid tested and underwent other tests as well. According to the tests, all was well. I was relieved, but still perplexed. Then, one day I heard about the Master Cleanse. I researched the cleanse and its simplicity intrigued me. I was uncertain whether I’d be able to drink the “lemonade” concoction for 10 days, but I was willing to try. Peter Glickman’s book was wonderful. Every time I had a question…and I had many, I could find the answer in his book. It was like a manual. During the cleanse, my night sweats ceased, my acne cleared up and my allergy symptoms went away. I was so excited about the results I acheived after 10 days, that I went six extra days. As a result, I have lost over 20 lbs. and kept it off. My body simply craved better foods after the cleanse and I didn’t argue with it. I will probably do this cleanse quarterly for the rest of my life and recommend it to anyone “willing” to try it.

  2. Le Macho

    Thank you very much for your helpful post!
    Guys usually have no idea why they are not able to lose weight or get a better shape. The problem is people seeking for a secret method that gives them what they really desire immediately meanwhile all they should do is reading useful articles like this as well as do the exercises.

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