Memory Improvement Guide: How Can You Stop Forgetting Words for Things

As you grow older, your brain may also have a difficult time in processing your stored knowledge and also the incoming ones. You may be slower on recalling the names of people or objects and it will seem like the words are on the tip of your tongue which is really frustrating.

Remembering things can be difficult, especially if you are forgetful, even special occasions and appointments can be missed because of it slipped your mind. In the short term, it can be harmless but it can take a toll on future significant occasions if your forgetfulness lingers on.
If you ever experienced this in your life, then this memory improvement guide is perfect for you! You can train and improve your mind if you put effort into it.

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How To Hypnotize Yourself To Eat Healthy

You’ve been having trouble keeping of the junk food. So much so that it has now started to take a toll on your health. You’ve gone from being healthy to slightly plump and on your way to becoming maybe a little (or a lot) obese.

I’ve had my share of battles with overeating too. I kept trying so hard to avoid food that I went hungry the entire day and gorged on whatever I could find in the evening. I was just not able to get around to the fact that if I continued going down the same path I would have more than my weight to worry about. That was until one of my friends suggested that I try self-hypnosis (do’h with the name of this site I should have sussed that but had never paid attention to using hypnosis for weight loss before)

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How To Stop Cheek Biting – Secrets Exposed!

To some people, cheek biting is just a bad habit without any harm. Although the habit looks tiresome, it may be a sign of mental health condition that is much the same as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) caused by anxiety and stress. Cheek biting can become chronic, it’s reviewed to be a Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior (BFRB) that is much like Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) and Excoriation (Skin Picking). The chronic cheek biting is scientifically known as Morsicatio Buccarum and it correlates with anxiety-related problems.

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How to Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Dreams… the only thing that is yours in your life and no one can take away from you are your dreams. You can never stop dreaming no matter what the circumstances are. However there are just a few of us who are brave enough to fulfill their dreams – and how do they do that?

Quitting is easy but to reach to your dreams, you often have to work hard.

Most dreams don’t come true in a day or two, if you are inspired by people who are successful and rich, they almost certainly have worked hard for years to reach the place where they are now.

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Overcome Your Fear Of Urination In Front Of Others

The fear of urination in front of others is a fairly common issue that men face. This issue usually manifests in their younger years and subsides as they grow older. But when the issue persists it is also known as paruresis or shy bladder syndrome or bashful bladder.

Paruresis is a genuine medical problem and has both psychological and mental factors to consider. We’ll go into detail about what causes the condition and the ways you can overcome your fear of urinating in front of others.

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How To Stop Facial Blushing Naturally

Spill your coffee on someone? Awkward. Accidentally curse in front of a
kid? Angry parent yelling at you and queue your face blushing. Sometimes, it may
seem as though your red face will never go away. But ways to fix this do
exist, I promise. You don’t have to become red-faced and embarrassed forever.
Here are six ways to get rid of that rosy complexion; and stomp out awkward
situations before they start.

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9 Simple Strategies to Reduce Impulsivity

An impulsive person is inclined to do things without putting a lot of thought in their actions. Impulsivity means action without forethought, and without considering the consequences of those actions. Impulsive actions may be poorly thought out, inappropriate, and sometimes even risky. Impulsivity is often the result more serious underlying mental disorders, such as ADHD or personality disorders. Impulsivity is the most common symptom of ADHD.

Impulsivity can be a serious problem, and can sometimes affect the quality of a person’s life. It manifests itself in many different ways. For example, if you have a problem with impulsivity, you can be very impatient. You will have a hard time waiting your turn in line, or waiting for your turn in games, for example. It will also be difficult for you to show restraint in your emotions, which means you will blurt out inappropriate things at inappropriate times, you will interrupt people’s conversations, and you will generally act without regard for your actions’  consequences. Your impulsiveness can also manifest itself as overeating, over shopping, or general overspending.

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5 Ways To Help You Sleep Better Away From Home

Have you ever traveled for a business trip or for a vacation of some sort and you had issues sleeping? Well, it’s no surprise that the hotel room you stayed during vacation or that friend’s house you bunked in was a little bit unfamiliar to you.

Most times it takes some time to get used to that bed that is not yours. But here are a few tips on how you can beat this issue hands down.

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How to Avoid Distractions at Work and Accomplish More

Sometimes you can be tempted to think that your place of work is meant to break you. This is because of the increased amount of distractions that are there.

They come in different ways. For instance: from people, technology, activities in the workplace or even music (that can happen a lot in shops and warehouses).

Imagine you are working then your favorite tune fills the air. Maybe you find yourself nodding your head or tapping your feet. Or – if it’s a shop and it’s Christmas season – thinking “Oh no, not again!”

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How to Stop Eating Ice – 7 Secrets Revealed!

If you have been struggling with the habit of eating ice when you know you’re not hungry or thirsty but you just feel like eating ice is a must-do for you.

Probably you have been looking for a way to stop it but to no avail. This habit is called pagophagia, a form of pica (the medical term for chewing and craving on items without nutritional value).

You need to think about stopping your ice munching habot because of the damage that is attached to it, including cracking of tooth enamel, the risk of getting gum infections, getting low on iron, sliding into an eating disorder, etc. In this article, I will show you 7 secrets to stop eating ice completely.

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